Hannah Gross | Therapeutic Playground
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Therapeutic Playground

4th Semester


The two outfits were based on a visual diary. The first outfit, a long green dress, visualizes the thoughts, grabbing you like a whirlwind. The second look, a two-piece consisting of a longsleeve and culottes, can be seen as the soothing rain after the storm. The shoes symbolize vulnerability and strength. The feeling of tiptoeing through a cold, dark hallway. Art, therapy, the relationship you have with yourself - Be grateful for who you are and what defines you. Your fears can be your strengths. Be brave enough, to be open and empathic.


Pattern Development, Draping, Various Stitching Techniques, Machine Knitting & Knitting By Hand, Weaving, Hand-Tufting, Casting of Silicone and Epoxy Resin, Shoemaking


model: Milan Seel, Ela Yesilay ; photographer: Stanislav Nojkov http://www.stanislavnojkov.de/