Hannah Gross | allgegenwärtig/ubiquitous
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knitwear project and exhibition – HTW Berlin x Mercedes Benz – “smart materials meet natural environment”

3rd Semester

team work with Maria Laza, Lorena Pereiras Reza and Monique Mansfeld


strength, defence and vulnerability - the cities are our new natural environment. The clothing is our second skin, the flat we live in the third, the house the fourth, the city the fifth. What inspired us is the beauty which can be found within the masses of concrete, the shimmer, even if it's just a piece of copper wire which hangs from the ceiling or the roots of a tree breaking through the asphalt.


Machine Knitting & Knitting By Hand


The picture was taken in a workshop with guests of the exhibition at Bikini Berlin - model: Leonie W. ; photographer: http://martintrost.de/